About Us

Founded in 2021, Bloomwell is the creative vision of Najwa & Rodney Fox.
Inspired by their travel across Asia & South America, experiencing the rich connection between mindful practices & aroma, Najwa & Rodney have developed a line of unique, small-batch incense incorporating minimal ingredients.
The timeless practice of incense burning has blossomed beyond traditional ceremonial rituals into a soothing practice that can elevate the energy in a space. Exceptional ingredients & craftmanship are at the heart of Bloomwell, delivering an approachably modern & vibrant product line.
"Being raised by entrepreneurial parents has taught me to appreciate the saying 'do what you love & never work a day in your life'. Fragrance has always brought our family together, from discovering rare perfume's at my Dad's perfume shop to incense floating through the air at family gatherings. It was such a special surprise to smell the familiar aroma of incense in the air while living abroad for the first time - instantly evoking fond memories of family & home. Creating Bloomwell has allowed me to nurture that connection to family, inspiring new blends to share with others."
-  Najwa
"I am a 20 year Marine Corps veteran, after retiring I worked in Logistics for a few years before deciding to take the leap into the entrepreneurial world. Opening a business has been quite a ride that has taught me so much. I'm excited to join my wife in sharing our love of incense & fragrances that reflect our memories & experiences together!"
-  Rodney